Every year in the fall it is time for our traditional team gathering. Or to put it another way - we leave the daily work tasks to talk about the big topics.

We looked at our work as child's play. Because we believe that we should work with imagination and enthusiasm, with creativity and delight. And if you're wondering why a team of 17 logistics experts are lining up colorful cubes, we'll tell you. During our team building, with the dedicated support of Hristo Hristozov, we devoted ourselves to the LEGO game to find the answer to the question of how to be effective together as a team.

Lured by the task of prototyping a next-generation shopping cart, we rushed to add as many features as possible and ended up creating a truck/mobile home that could never have been built and used as intended. We found that in addition to acting, which we are certainly good at, we also need to plan and take time to think. This is the only way the result of our work can be sustainable.

Photos: Alexander Budinov