The annual team development event took place at the beginning of October. As always, the day was emotional and filled with new practical skills and knowledge. The conclusion "You have a solution" is also the company's new motto.а.

The event program started at the Iskar Dam National Sailing Base, where the team conducted special training, followed by a competition in sailing yacht management. Immersed in the harsh reality of rough waters, unpredictable weather and strong winds, the two MW crews managed to finish successfully. The takeaways from the competition were rosy:

"Everyone on the team needs to know where the goal is because it can easily get out of sight."

"One turn wastes a lot of time and could cost us the race!"

"All the tasks for us as a crew are to keep the set course and boat balanced."

"Just by the fan's vibration, you can tell how much to tighten."

Next was the practical - seminar part of the event for the team. Under the watchful eye of a specialist facilitator, the team created a shared vision and strategy. "You have a solution" is the new motto behind which stands the values of every person in the MW LOGISTICA team: enthusiasm, expertise, and accuracy.